To make it a little easier, I’m going to put today’s word problems here so everyone can access them while working in groups. We will work on one problem at a time, work together in your groups to find a solution. For working in groups on Zoom:

  • If you get kicked out your group because of wifi, exit the meeting and come back in and I’ll let you back into your group (remember your group number)
  • Stay in your groups until I bring everyone back, if you finish early double check your work and get to know your group members!
  • Still stuck at the end of class? Keep working on these until you get the right answer.

Problem One: Dancing

At Michael and Ava’s wedding, there was a large group of people dancing. One group was doing the Cha-Cha Slide, and another group was doing the Chicken Dance. The number of Cha-Cha sliders was 7 more than twice the number of chicken dancers. Then suddenly 23 Cha-Cha sliders started doing the chicken dance, which made the two groups equal in size. How many dancers in total were there at the wedding? What strategy are you using?

Problem Two: The Necklace

Erin laid out the stones for a necklace in a big circle, with each stone space an equal distance from its neighbors. She then counted the stones in order around the circle. Unfortunately, before she finished counting she lost track of where she had started, but realized that she could figure out how many stones were in the circle after she noticed that the sixth stone was directly opposite the seventeenth stone. How many stones are in the necklace? What strategy should you use?

Problem Three: Errands

Cameron has six errands to run (picking up dry cleaning, going to the grocery store, getting gas, going to the bank, going to the library, and going to the post office). He only has time to run three of the errands this afternoon. How many different combinations of three errands could he choose to run? What strategy should you use?

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