To make it a little easier, I’m going to put today’s word problems here so everyone can access them while working in groups. We will work on one problem at a time, then come together after each problem to discuss your answers. Work together in your groups to find a solution. For working in groups on Zoom:

  • If you get kicked out your group because of wifi, exit the meeting and come back in and I’ll let you back into your group (remember your group number)
  • Stay in your groups until I bring everyone back, if you finish early double check your work and get to know your group members!
  • Still stuck at the end of class? Keep working on these until you get the right answer.

Problem One: Apartment Complex

Jordan just moved in a 12-story apartment building and is having trouble finding which floor he lives on. He knows he lives in the first apartment on the floor, but doesn’t know which floor. He starts by going to the first floor and knocks on the door. Mrs. Smith answers and tells him to go up 8 floors and ask Mr. Jones. Jordan does that and asks Mr. Jones where he lives. Mr. Jones doesn’t know but says, “go down 2 floors to Brian’s apartment and ask him.” Brian didn’t know but told Jordan to go up 5 floors to see Trina (she knows where everyone lives). Trina had no clue who Jordan was but said the only one who might know is the new guy 7 floors below her. Jordan goes down 7 floors and knocks on the new guy’s apartment and realizes he’s the new guy and this is his apartment. What floor does he live on?

Problem Two: Going to the Movies

A bunch of people are standing in line for a movie. Avery got there late and realized she knew every person in line. She decided not to get in line until she figure out who to cut in with. She first stopped and talk to Jake, who was at the back of the line. Then she moved forward passing 3 people and talked to Alex. She then moved forward again by  passing 9 people and talked to Will. The she moved backwards by passing 4 people and talked to Anne. The she moved forward by passing 12 people and talked to Katrina. Finally she moved backwards by passing 2 people and joined Charli in line. Charli was originally the person in the exact middle of the line. Including Avery (who is in line now) how many people are in line?

Problem Three: The Hotel

Erika, Sophia, Melissa and Mike went to NYC to see Hamilton. They stayed on a floor in a small hotel that had four rooms along one long hallway. Erika was staying in the first room, Sophia in the second, Melissa in the third room and Mike in the fourth room, at the opposite end of the hall from Erika. The elevator was along the hallway, exactly halfway between Sophia’s door and Melissa’s door. Sophia and Melissa got out of the elevator and walked 90 feet to Mike’s door to see if he wanted to get dinner. Then they walked back in the other direction all the way down the hall to Erika’s door to leave a note. The total distance from Mike’s door to Erika’s door was 160 feet. Then they turned around and walked 30 feet to Sophia’s door. How far did Melissa have to walk to return from Sophia’s door to her own room?

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