To make it a little easier, I’m going to put today’s word problems here so everyone can access them while working in groups. We will work on one problem at a time, then come together after each problem to discuss your answers. Work together in your groups to find a solution. For working in groups on Zoom:

  • If you get kicked out your group because of wifi, exit the meeting and come back in and I’ll let you back into your group (remember your group number)
  • Stay in your groups until I bring everyone back, if you finish early double check your work and get to know your group members!
  • Still stuck at the end of class? Keep working on these until you get the right answer.

Problem One: Wagons and Trikes

Homer has a pile of broken down wagons and tricycles in the back corner of his yard. He’s been collecting them for their wheels, which he uses to make scooters for kids. He knows there are a total of 22 trikes and wagons and that there are 74 wheels. How many trikes are there?

Problem Two: Every Little Bit

Angelita collects cans and bottles to take to the recycling center where she gets 7.5 cents for cans and 12 cents per bottle. Last week she got $11.91 for her total of 112 cans and bottles. How many cans and how many bottles were there?

Problem Three: Home Field Advantage

When the game started there were three times as many home team fans as away tam fans in the stands, but then the buses pulled in with an additional 600 rival fans. Total attendance was 3,704. How many home team supporters were there?

Problem Four: Buying Fruit

Abby went to the farmers market and bought 7 mangos and 3 melons for $14.28. Her roommate didn’t realize Abby had already shopped for fruit. She stopped at the same farmers market on the way home from work and spent $16.05 on 4 melons and 5 mangos. How much did mangos cost? How much did melons cost?

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